About Jericho Construction Co.

Jericho Construction is a veteran owned and operated company. Founded in 2008, we specialize in both residential and commercial, new construction and rehab projects. Our experience will speak for itself as we construct your vision into a reality. Having completed hundreds of projects in several western states, Owner/Operator Joshua Nelson brought his family and knowledge of the building trades to the Monterey Peninsula. At Jericho Construction, we strive to have a family based, safety conscious contracting record for many years to come. We also want to thank all of our wonderful customers who have made it possible for us to achieve these things.

Jericho Construction provides a wide range of services from project management and planning, to design consulting, to basic carpentry and construction needs. We work with top quality sub-contractors and vendors to ensure every job is done to a high standard, with great products that last. We stand by our work, and promise the longevity you deserve for your investment. Whether it’s a new construction project from the ground up, or a simple repair we can handle it.

We Want to Bring Your Construction Vision to Reality

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Our Construction Philosophy

Managing a construction project begins well before the shovels hit the dirt. It is establishing a budget and a common goal prior to beginning construction. It starts in the planning phase in order to achieve a smooth process that leaves nothing out. It is also critical to be able to think on your feet and make good decisions on the spot as every construction project has its own set of challenges. We have all heard that time is money, that can be none less evident than a construction project that gets stalled for any reason.

If you own a mid-century modern hotel, embrace it! Bring it back to life as its original creator had envisioned it. Sometimes we are encountered by awkward building habits from the past, or unique spaces that only their creators could explain. These can become modern marvels if taken on from the correct angle. Cabins and unique properties are a passion, and a way to express ones love of their surroundings.

Our industry is ever evolving with new healthier, and sometimes not, products. There are many new techniques and products every year aimed at saving cost, or the planet, or both. Some of them are great and some of them are not. When evaluating these new products we try to see what has improved. Is it cheaper? Is it better? Will it last?